Easy broccoli-feta parcels
All COOKABILITY recipes are based on affordable ‘real food’ ingredients that are high in nutrition and genuine flavour, and avoid highly processed ingredients. Triple tested to insure foolproof results, our recipes also follow nutritional advice and guidelines outlined by NHS Livewell, and the Department of Health’s Change4Life and eatwell plate.


Recipes matter. They are an essential blueprint for cooking that provide us with a set of clear instructions for transforming ingredients, time and effort into something satisfying and worth sharing at the other end.

COOKABILITY recipes are adapted to 21st century living, supporting young cooks by saving time and keeping things simple without compromising taste or nutrition.

Recipes develop skills. Each time we make a dish, we practice skills that not only make us better cooks but also help us master new dishes, and tackle more complex kinds of cooking.

Adaptable recipes. We can adapt or create recipes to support each school’s curriculum and goals. This includes learning to cook the produce from your school’s garden allotment programme, which an entire class grows and eats together.

We also use recipes to support competency in other academic subjects, creating more engagement for learners in maths, language, biology, chemistry and social studies.

Mastering a repertoire. COOKABILITY can customise a repertoire of recipes that is right for each school, including the 20 recipes outlined in the 2014 National Curriculum.

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