Founder Michael Davies is a graduate of New York University and The French Culinary Institute, and has worked in the food and media sector. He is based in the UK where he works as a learning and development consultant.



My aim is to give young people the ability to cook confidently and make great tasting and healthy food for their families and friends.

Without basic food skills and know-how, their worlds will become narrow, and they’ll have fewer opportunities to enjoy brilliant, real food and live healthier lives. “


The prospect for young people in the UK to enjoy a healthy relationship with food is looking pretty grim. For starters, we are losing our ability to cook balanced meals from scratch using basic ingredients.

Add to this a commercially driven, 24/7 continuous “food environment” that offers cheap and convenient food high in salt and calories, but low in nutrition, and the situation is set to spiral out of control.

How I can help. Here is a core list of services we provide to help schools make a difference:

  • Teach essential cooking skills (including knife skills, balancing flavours, and core techniques such as sautéing, roasting, baking, and simmering.).
  • Prepare lessons and teach classes on budgeting, shopping, nutrition, and meal planning.
  • Teach ‘real food’ healthy cookery with emphasis on whole foods and affordable ingredients.
  • Give teachers cooking competence and confidence as they prepare to teach cookery in the 2014 National Curriculum.
  • Collaborate with schools to create customised healthy cookery programmes that support food-related learning in other subjects such as maths, science, and languages.

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