Chefs are ideal instructors for young cooks. COOKABILITY asks who better to teach classic cooking techniques, while sharing their passion for creating delicious looking and tasting food?Chefs are also natural authorities for leading discussions on real food nutrition, good kitchen hygiene, and how to get the most value when shopping.

Experience is a powerful teacher, and learning how to cook and eat well is no exception to the rule.

We focus on giving young people hand-on experience preparing healthy food so they can learn essential skills by practicing them. Through guided, hands-on experience they develop their own judgement and learn to cook with confidence.

Learning to cook, eat well, and appreciate good food has its obvious benefits — nurturing good health, and avoiding obesity and its related chronic health problems, just for starters.

We believe that learning to cook is also about learning to put food towards the centre of a life well lived — this can mean seeing the connections between the food we eat and the health of our bodies, our communities, the soil, the environment, and even the planet itself.

We take every opportunity to help young people make these connections and understand the kinds of positive and wide-reaching benefits that can begin from simply taking responsibility for our own health and well being.

COOKABILITY takes the long view when it comes to learning how to cook healthy food from scratch.

Whether embarking on the first steps of a food related career (a real possibility), or learning skills for cooking competently at home for friends and family, knowing how to prepare healthy, delicious food and make good decisions about what to eat are skills that set young people up for life.

These are the same skills that help them become self-sufficient as adults, and strong contributors to UK communities as the next generation of partners and parents.

COOKABILITY is about providing skills and experiences that help young people make better choices.

Despite our status as the fattest nation in Europe, and a 24/7, commercially-driven food environment that places profitability before public health and well being, we believe that obesity is not a foregone conclusion for UK’s next generation of adults.

Investing in good cooking skills, and learning practices defined by real food and a sound approach to nutrition, give young people the tools to live healthier lives.