Culinary nutrition is a new term that reflects some age-old, maternal wisdom: That knowing how to cook prepares us for adult life, and supports the health of ourselves, our family and friends.


Studies on culinary nutrition are producing data that is backing up the wisdom behind knowing how to cook, revealing that people who take cookery lessons enjoy better nutrition as a result.

In a recent City University report, a majority of students who took cookery classes reported eating more vegetables (84%), and there was a 27.5% increase in the number of pupils eating vegetables four times a day.

And the benefits of culinary nutrition aren’t just individual.

Knowing how to cook is a skill that supports the health and well-being of families.

The Food for Life Partnership found that for the schools offering cookery lessons, many pupils go home and teach their parents what they have learnt. In fact, 45% of parents said the family now ate more healthily as a result.

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