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COOKABILITY teaches practical, real food strategies aimed at eating foods that are close to nature and naturally packed with flavour and nutrition. We believe that knowing what real food is helps people to make better choices about what to eat.


Real food is about cooking with the kind of ingredients that our grandmothers would have recognised – and reminded us to eat! From fruit, vegetables, and whole grains to meat, poultry, fish and dairy products.

The cost of eating processed. In today’s 24/7, commercially driven food environment where processed food is the norm, eating well is no simple task.

The problem is that being so reliant on convenience foods limits us to diets low in nutrition, and high in sugar, fat and salt. The situation is a health disaster, and it’s destroying lives with soaring rates of obesity and chronic disease.

Tools and choices. COOKABILITY is tackling these problems by providing young people with basic cooking skills and raising their awareness about the benefits of eating real food.

This is helping them take an active role with food and gain control over ingredients, portion size, and balancing nutrition.

And these choices mean healthier outcomes.

Trusted advice. This simple, real food approach is aligned with nutritional advice provided by top UK health authorities. Take a look at our guidelines provided by NHS Livewell and the Department of Health’s Change4Life programme.


The UK Department of Health's Eatwell Plate

The UK Department of Health’s Eatwell Plate

Good proportions
The eatwell plate

The eatwell plate is a tool that defines the Government’s recommendations on healthy diets. It is based on five food groups, and sets a visual goal for eating a balanced diet that insures we get the nutrients needed to support good health.

Interestingly, as a tool for balancing the foods we eat, the eatwell plate isn’t limited to a single meal. It can also be used to balance what we eat over the course of a busy day, or hectic week.

The eatwell plate is considered appropriate advice for vegetarians, people of all ethnic origins, and those who are of a healthy weight or overweight. The plate model has been tested extensively with consumers and health professionals.

See more… NHS Livewell food balancing tips and the Department of Health’s Change4Life healthy eating strategies.