Food Styling by Michael Davies

Our mission is to provide young people with practical skills and know-how for cooking healthy food from scratch, and making good decisions about what to eat.

As the name suggests, “culinary nutrition” not only teaches people useful cooking skills, but also provides a clear understanding of what real food is, along with some sensible guidelines for eating well and practicing good nutrition.

Back-to-basics for the 21st century. A practical approach to good nutrition and making healthy choices about what to eat in today’s complicated food environment, Real Food emphasises delicious whole foods and low-processed ingredients, and time-proven, traditional cuisines that have sustained the good health (and appetites) of people, over thousands of years.

Eating well is no simple task for any of us in today’s 24/7, commercially driven food environment. Food has increasingly become the domain of big business and industrialised production that place priority on profits over people’s health and well being.

The so-called western diet, with its emphasis on snacks and convenience foods, depends heavily on inexpensive and highly processed ingredients that add high levels of salt, sugar and fat that are easily consumed, and less easily identified.

The medical data is conclusive, with clearly established links between the western diet and soaring rates of obesity and related chronic health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke and certain cancers. Interestingly, the prevalence of these diet-related diseases are not found in cultures supported by their traditional cuisines.

Real Food is about simplifying, and taking a few steps closer to nature by replacing the highly processed and engineered foods so readily available to us, with the kinds of fresh, delicious, and wholesome ingredients that our grandmothers would have recognised – and reminded us to eat.

Real Food and nutrition. Following on from the Real Food approach, find out how COOKABILITY supports good nutrition…

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