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COOKABILITY was founded in 2013 to teach healthy cooking and eating skills to young people in secondary education. We also support UK schools as they prepare to teach healthy cooking in the 2014 National Curriculum.


We believe that being able to cook healthy food from scratch and make good decisions about what to eat, are life-long skills for living healthier, happier lives.

That’s why training consultant Michael Davies set up COOKABILITY in 2013. He wanted to give young people the confidence and skills to cook great food from scratch, and help them enjoy a healthier relationship with food.

What we do. We partner with teachers in secondary education to understand their curriculum goals and needs. We then use this information to deliver hands-on learning programmes in cookery skills and healthy eating. We also use food to help

students engage more in their learning of other subjects such as maths, science, languages and the environment.

Cost. COOKABILITY can provide introductory sessions in culinary nutrition on a volunteer basis. Additional sessions and services are charged on an individual basis. Please contact us.

Cookery and the National Curriculum in 2014. We are delighted that the current government has put cookery and healthy eating on the National Curriculum for 2014. COOKABILITY aims to support teachers and schools as they prepare to deliver this new training.

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