COOKABILITY teaches young people in the UK how to cook healthy, delicious and affordable food from scratch. It’s fundamental – knowing how to cook and make good decisions about what to eat, are life-long skills that help young people live healthier lives.

What we tackle:



Britain has the highest rate of obesity in Europe and it’s storing up problems for the future of young people’s health.

Cooking skills & Knowledge

60% of adults in the UK no longer cook, and 90% of under 25 year olds cannot cook a meal from scratch.


The situation is grim and here’s what we’re doing about it…


1. Teach cooking as a life-skill

COOKABILITY gives young people aged 11-16 skills for making delicious, affordable and balanced meals from scratch.

2. Give tools to solve problems

We teach practical food strategies like how to shop and economise, plan meals, balance nutrition, and make smart choices about what to eat.

3. Create a healthy eating culture

COOKABILITY‘s vision is to help young people cook and enjoy great food, and make the connection between eating well and living well.